Top Location in Dubai for Filming 2021

Dubai the city made of dreams

Dubai is a city that dreams and dares to do things. Evident in its illustrious urbanscape, Dubai has its scope wide open for lenses to catch. Setting benchmarks on behalf of Dubai and its ultra-modern outlook are an array of landmarks that have become household names. Dubai also possesses places of historical importance and natural sceneries. Let's take a look at some of the places that make Dubai a darling of Film Production Houses around the globe to shoot ads and movies.

Downtown Dubai

An urban architectural masterpiece, Dubai downtown packs many futuristic landmarks in a small parcel of land, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera, Dubai Mall, Burj Park, Dancing Fountains, etc.

Burj Khalifa

The world's tallest tower at 829.8 meters, BurjKhalifa is quite something to look at and look from. A multi-use building with restaurants, a hotel, residential apartments, office spaces, and the highest outdoor observation deck, Burj Khalifa's spire is visible from a distance of 95 kilometers.

Dubai Water Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is a choreographed fountain system on the 12 hectares of human-made Burj Khalifa Lake in Downtown Dubai. Visible from every point on the lake promenade and the neighboring structures, the fountain set to light at night performs synchronous animations to music.

The Pointe water fountain @ The Palm Jumeirah

Another world record set by Dubai, spanning over 14,000 sq. ft of water with 128 super shooters reaching up to 105 meters in height adorned with over 3,000 LED lights, designed in multicolor and with brightness controls, throws choreographed dancing shows every night.

Dubai Marina

An artificial canal and a majestic town built around, Dubai Marina holds a treasure of eye-candy picturesque sights and experiences for visitors. Along with adventure activities like skydiving, flyboarding, jet-skiing, etc. Dubai Marina Canal hosts occasional whales venture in from open seas. Yachts, speed boats, and traditional dhows stationed at the Marina offer visitors seafaring experiences at affordable prices accordingly.

The Jumeira Beach

Dubai has several beautiful and clean beaches, of which the palm beach is the most visited. With stunning views and numerous pubs and restaurants, Jumeirah beach also hosts parks for children.

City Walk

City Walk, Dubai is a mini-city by itself. The murals on the walls of the various complexes are captivating. An open-air space lined with boulevards on one side complexes lined up on the other that host amusement rides for kids to shops that sell designer wear for adults and filled with cafes, restaurants, and gaming consoles, City walk enthralls visitors. The place is ideal for Filming modern urban life.

Tolerance Bridge

The tolerance bridge connects the two banks of the Dubai Water Canal and is the most iconic bridge in the UAE. The only clear-span suspension bridge in the Middle East, the 690 footbridge offers pedestrians and cyclists a carefree trip over the Dubai Canal. Named in honor of the International Day of Tolerance, the Tolerance Bridge hosts a dazzling display of colors at night.

Box Park

A hip and happening industrial-styled lifestyle hub of Dubai filled with street art and entertainment Box Park is a mall that caters to people who love food, culture, and art.

La Mer

An urban beachfront destination La Mer showcases the best of the modern industrial architecture, and style combining leisure and shopping provides an experience of its own. La Mer has four zones; the Beach, the central leisure and entertainment hub known as Laguna, the North Island, and the South Island.


A historical neighborhood built by the Persian immigrants' Al Bastakiya retains its ancient charm in its old architecture. Along with renovation and conservation projects carried out by the authorities, Batsakya has added a lot more through its art cafes, which also host a distinct Coffee Museum.


A gateway for traders for centuries, Abra divides Dubai into two, Deira and Bur Dubai. Abra offers affordable rides in wooden boats to explore the still thriving old Dubai culture securely away from the glitz and glamour that Dubai is known for. The old souks of Deira have everything like ancient times from spices to gold and people in traditional Arab attire.

Al Seef

Alseef is where the old meets the new in Dubai. With its laidback ambiance, ancient wind towers, coral stone walls, the place teleports the visitor into another era. The quite pedestrian-friendly Al- Seef district boasts of public transport facilities and many coffee shops.

Al Qudra Desert

Al Qudra, located along the Al Qudra Road (D63), an hour's drive away from Dubai, is one of the favorite destinations for people on weekend trips to enjoy the Desert night with Barbecues and Sheeshah smokes. Thriving with the desert ecosystem, Al Qudra completes the Dubai Experience.

Al Qudra Lake

An extensive human-made desert wetland, Al Qudra Lakes that spans 10 km, provides a sanctuary for animals and birds considered endangered. Al Qudra is part of a large bio conservation reserve called Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve.

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