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Social media has changed the way we communicate, and the year of the pandemic has brought forth drastic changes in the way we consume information. The visual content fares better at delivering consistently and effectively, engaging people via multiple social media platforms.

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Changing Times
The internet has become the new reality. Before, it was the businesses that shaped the internet, and now the internet shapes our reality. The continual revolution has put brand names like Amazon, Tiktok to the forefront. With the consistent and speedy push towards digital, now life has more to do with site traffics than dailies or your neighborhood milkman.

Constant Engagements
Space integrates art, technology, and talent with a holistic approach to Social Media Marketing. We produce witty, flawless, and arty social media content of clear direction appealing to viewers. With hip photos and videos, and a tailored approach to put you in front for definitive communication with your audience, we speak social. We serve great ideas with some crispness.

shifting frontiers

The shifting frontiers

The pandemic demands a tweak in businesses’ core involvements, whether with clients or with the employees. A lot has moved to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The guaranteed method today to reach people is videos. Advertising is increasingly moving to virtual platforms with more accountability, so are intercommunications of business firms. A lot has changed in the rapidly evolving Social Media Video Production. Being in the league of a few agencies in Dubai with a dedicated and creative social media content team following global trends, Space is at the forefront of this revolution.

Portfolio Speaks

Space creates budget-friendly video content according to demands using state-of-the-art multi- cameras and rigs. From product photography, animations, short videos, micro-videos to live streaming or mixed media, we have delivered over 1000 social media campaigns, all right on time and some on the spot. Having a pool of talented artists, technicians, equipment, studio, and the latest production suites enable us to create and deliver fresh and just right.

Social Media Video Production Dubai

Space Social Media Video PRODUCTION DUBAI

Create a good social media presence with our spectacular videos. 

Space Film Production is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) based creative agency providing world class videos to make the social media pages of our clients interesting. We have a passionate and talented team who can create captivating videos for boosting up your branding.

Telling your story needs to be perfect. We can help you convey your message through social media videos and connect that with the many genuine customers out there. Most people like to watch videos relating to a brand more than any other form of content. Space Film Production is one of the leading Video Production Companies in Dubai.

Social Media Video Production Dubai

Types of social media video that we can deliver

→ Live Videos

→ Product videos

→ Tutorial Videos

→ Trending Videos

→ Announcement Videos

For the Social Media Video Production strategy to be effective, the social media posting of videos should adhere to several guidelines like the time of launching, which all platforms to launch and in which order etc. The Space Film Production team can help you with all this.


Your  brand gets increased attention with the help of our premium quality videos. Different types of businesses need different types of social media strategy. The well versed crew at Space Film Production help you design yours by taking into consideration how you want to engage with your audience. 

The people who are already following your brand for a while will be excited to see good quality videos of your brand on social media. They are also going to share it with their friends and family if they like it. This will help you gain more and more people liking your brand. High-quality videos are thus very important to be included in your Social Media Marketing strategies.


Videos always create more engagement as it is quite easy to click the play button and watch it. Only that it should be interesting. In that case it is a necessity to create a compelling video that resonates with your audience. With a little bit of research professional videographers like the people we have at our studio can craft neatly flowing Social Media Videos that can capture anybody’s attention. We create masterpieces for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Now that you have realized the importance of Social Media Videos, get started soon because the earlier you start, the better. Get help from the leading Social Media Video Production Company in Dubai.


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