How To Get Filming Permit in Dubai

We see a lot of filming happening in Dubai city. This is obviously because it is one of the most lively and vibrant cities in the world. However as a Film Production Company in Dubai, you should know some points that should be considered before Filming in Dubai.

Below you can find a clear and lucid explanation of the things you should take note of before planning to get a filming permit in Dubai.

Any person who wants to do filming in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) should obtain shooting permits from The Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) who is the authorized entity to give permits. This should be acquired before you leave with your crew from your respective country.

The documents that are required for the application are

    →   Your company information that includes company name, address and telephone number.

    →   Checklist of people who will certainly be there during the filming

    →   Details of the filming like the content and the type of production.  

The first thing you need to do is to pay a non refundable fee of 500 United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) to apply for the required permit. This fee is inclusive of the permits for multiple days and locations. 

Locations fees also need to be paid for shooting in public locations. The charges can be up to AED 2500 for 3 days if it is an advertisement. If it is a corporate or business content then you can get a permit of 7 days for video and 14 days for stills at the same price. If you want to do your filming in private or semi governmental locations then it can cost you up to AED 25,000 per day.

You can only get film permits in Dubai with the help of a local production company. Their charges can range from AED 500 to AED 3000 and it varies for different companies. The production company appoints a location manager to be present in the site everyday during shooting to protect your company and the production company in any case of regulatory issues.

The UAE licensed production company will submit your application and the permit will be provided to you within 5 working days according to the DFTC’s policy. At Space Film Production, we are always ready to help your company forgo the procedure without any difficulty.

Space Film Production is a leading company providing Media Production in Dubai. Please feel free to contact us about any information regarding obtaining a Filming Permit in Dubai


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