2021 New Trends in Video production after covid-19

The year of the pandemic, a revolution in filmmaking

Another year of shutdown and a lot has changed in human behavior and our world built around us, and Film Production is no exception. The new restrictions challenging the way we shot have thrown fresh ideas and perspectives into action. Here we're examining a few new possibilities brought forth by the year of the pandemic.

Rise of the indie

If the budget was a concern, the new reality has given otherwise small independent production houses grounds to compete with big studios through decent storytelling discarding massive star cast, and incorporating innovative angles of looking at life. The success of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and likes streaming directly to households spawned successful independent producers and content creators creating stories conforming to the Covid-19 guidelines for safety throughout the world.

The green screen revolution

A green screen was the answer to the challenges posed by 2020 to the filming industry, and it's becoming ever popular. By allowing filmmakers to add any scene to the background, the green screen saves money and makes filming whenever and wherever possible. Green screen shooting saves time in places like Dubai with strict Covid -19 safety measures that require filmmakers to obtain shooting permits. A fabulous way to ideate and produce content differently under these procrustean times enforced by Covid-19, green screens let one's imagination run wild.

The unreal times

Desperate times, desperate measures. The pandemic has brought a distant term to our memories, the once not so popular "virtual production." Mostly reserved for gaming production, innovative modeling tools like "Unreal Engine" render their services to filmmaking these days. Traditional production work is now going through revolting and revolutionizing times with a little help from gaming engines of Space and their closest rival, Unity. The lack of need for Filming Permits and the total absence of restriction in creating content under Covid guidelines have pushed many content creators in Dubai to look for Virtual production. Virtual production also allows digital manipulations of visual components in art direction, lighting, and angles, facilitating filming an entire movie in a single location if required.

The rise and rise of the Graphics

Motion graphics and 3-D animation have become the favorite tools for ad makers and independent digital space content creators, all thanks to the pandemic spawning numerous entertaining videos that fill our smart TVs, laptops, and phones. The relative cost reduction and the flexibility offered by graphics and animation helped many successful channels and indie production houses to thrive in Covid times. Sooner or later, Covid will be history, yet if one looks back, it's gone with rewriting every aspect of human life that includes our thought process and the way we interact and entertain.

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