Covid-19 Rules for Filming in Dubai

2021, another year of pandemic, while most of the world came to a standstill, Dubai achieved something yet again uncommon, bringing the pandemic under control through strict measures and dedication.

Space Productions is fully operating under COVID-19 conditions. As there are no better media to get your business noticed than videos, we are as excited as you are to give your stories frames and motion. However, there are a few restrictions and Covid-19 guidelines for Film Production in Dubai. Fortunately, the rules regarding filming in Dubai at covid times are flexible, and we are getting more international attention as one of the safest locations for filming in Covid times.

Things to keep in mind, and some things to carry


The number of crew on filming sites is restricted.


It's mandatory to wear masks except for the actors when doing their scenes.

Hand Sanitisers

It is advisable to have a copious amount of hand sanitizers.


It is not recommended people under the age of 18 or over 60 be part of the shoot.

Temperature checks

Temperature checks are mandatory at all the entry points and all the time.


Authorities recommend that cast and crew members be tested 48 hours before Filming and required to carry Covid -ve certificates.


Every individual, including the actors and makeup artists, is required to wash and disinfect their hands. Makeup applicators must be for one-time use that includes mascara, lipstick, etc.


Keep the hands clean all the time, washing them and or sanitizing them. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

Physical distancing

The physical distancing is a must, not less than 2 meters, and all the time between all the people except actors doing their scenes. Buffets are not permitted, and everyone is required to eat alone.


Any member of the cast or crew showing any of the symptoms of covid, no matter mild or severe, is required to go into isolation till medical clearance.

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